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2009-05-11 01:41:42 by scrimpy

At an amazing time of 16'25''1 (for comparsion, the fastest run I know of lies at 2'17''4), I finally managed to bloody beat Ballos! Got really close, and I got really excited, but hey, in the End Ballos is down, and I have finally seen the good ending of CAVE STORY. Hooray!


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2009-05-11 02:23:06



2009-06-05 02:58:36

A little context would be nice because I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.....


2009-06-13 13:24:28

I have spent all my money on biscuits...


2009-08-11 06:34:42

i have to ask something how to edit madness interactive sounds


2009-10-08 17:14:46

OMG I love all your stuff. Especially the madness interactive mods, you are a pioneer in the upgrading of Madness Interactive! Good luck with your projects!


2009-11-18 07:58:44

go to hell,


2010-04-26 02:46:44

They're some bad news, if you're on or not on? Just to let you know that your Antipathy Interactive is gone off raynehellawack or whatever the site is, none of the madness game mods has been recovered, all they had was the Top 25, some it were good but all of them are pretty much terrible. They have a choice, they either fix the problem or don't because the site has no right to be up in the first place when all the peoples mods are deleted.


2010-08-10 11:31:52

what about destination 3 ?


2011-02-23 07:16:57

Hehehe. BALLos.


2011-04-20 19:19:50

make Destination 3 plz